About me

Who am I?

I go by Luvidio. I do not have the most common name, so this raises a lot of questions in my initial conversations.

My first and second names are a mix of English, Italian and Spanish, which mean love, light, the favourite or famous warrior. 

My last name originates from France, England, Scotland and Ireland. My blood is very mixed and half of it can be traced by my last name, which migrated to different British colonies around the 16th and 17th centuries.

There are many variations, but the picture here below shows a variation of my family coat of arms. The five birds in the middle are consistent throughout all variations. I might do more research to determine the absolute official one or see if I can create a new official one.

The birds are actually Hirondelle birds (hirundō in Latin) which is French for Swallow birds in English. These birds represent a symbol of sacrifice,  rebirth and hope in many different countries/cultures, which is why they are very protected. 

Why there are five birds on the family crest, I have no idea. But Google says the number 5 can symbolize perfection, harmony, peace,  curiosity and adventure. I do not really believe in symbols, so you can interpret this information how you want. 

I’m not going to bullshit, I’m a simple minimalist, futurist and environmentalist. I want to add some added value to the world before my heart stops ticking. I want to add value to the world, while living a healthy, financially independent lifestyle doing whatever I feel like doing whenever I feel like doing it. I am already doing this, but I want to keep growing and evolving until my lifestyle is fully self sustainable.

I see a lot of value in being financially independent due to the way society is built on planet earth. Being financially independent to me means , not only being able to take care of my self and those close to me, but also have the opportunity to help strangers and environments around the world. 

I might have sent you to this webpage when you asked me; ''Where are you from?''

Luvidio DNA

I don’t identify with any specific country’s culture, however, I find it cool and of course do find certain aspects of certain cultures cool. But everything has its positives and negatives. Pretty cool that my bloodline has been to almost every continent.